Trying to introduce a person in a few words is not easy.

Also, to aspire this approach for a touch of full energy, is the feat of strength ...

But hey, at some point, you have to start, and as they say in "his country" in Catalan, acabat!

He has a soft spot for abstraction, so to tease a little, opt for the narrative figuration with medium his bucolic name and colorful: Lherbier.

as the artistic agent with a Large Level of skills, whose sharp eye spots, on the international art scene, the talents regardless of their notoriety.

as the Horizon that Patrice Lherbier tries to draw for his artists with as a guideline support in the long term.

as the Expertise that Patrice has developed for more than a decade, in the art market: a know-how, both in terms of the mysteries of the profession of merchant (auctions, over-the-counter, exhibitions and in physical galleries) than on the interpersonal level woven with its artists through exhibitions and visits to workshops throughout France.

as the Rigor of operation gained during his initial career as technical leader in the field of high level sport.

like the bulimia with which he travels the exhibitions, sales rooms or other "pop-up", with the key to the constitution of a particular collection of foreground.

like Insolence, corollary to any ambitious and innovative enterprise such as the creation of a real interactive and welcoming online art gallery whose vocation is to guide visitors towards buying "favorite" or "investor" according to everyone's wishes.

as nourishing human Exchanges that arouse art, artists and their creations they gratify us.

as the deserved and  legitimate Right success that materializes this sincere approach to promoting artists and their world.

Patrice Lherbier invites you to remove without moderation the works of 1366 Gallery.

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